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Clipping Path Service is an integral part of photo editing service because without using clipping path it is quite difficult to edit a photo or an image professionally. Though the ecommerce owner or retailer may not be aware enough about clipping path service, the Photographer, Photo editor, ecommerce photo editor Graphic designer or anyone who knows the editing, must know the importance of clipping path service. Clipping Path service is commonly known as clipping path, cut out, knock out, knock out background, multi clipping path, background removal, deep etched, silo, silo mask, selections, masking, etc. If you are looking for any services listed above, leave it to the expert team like us who are ready to serve you with hand-drawn clipping path service for pixel perfect image which will give you the best comfort for further editing process.

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Types of Clipping Path Service

Here is a list of clipping path service that we provide.  

Image on White Background

To display an image with a cool look, “white background” is the first option for most of the business owners and concerned people of the online platforms. From the early time of online business to till now it is the easiest and cost worthy option to showcase the product photos on white background whatever it is the website, social media or ecommerce platforms. If you have a small amount of images or a large volume of product photos to display on white background as the pixel perfect image, you should try us as we are one of the best and budget friendly digital design agencies to perform this task.

Image on Transparent Background

Transparent Background of an image is like a magical background because you can change the background of that image to any color background without facing any hassle. There are a few product photos which need to display on different color backgrounds based on their own color vibrancy; for this type of photos transparent background will be the best option. Besides, to show a product photo on multiple backgrounds or take out a photo to put it on another photo you must need the image on the transparent background.

Multi Clipping Path/Multiple Selections

Multi Clipping path is known as multi path or multiple selections which is basically performed as a primary task for the purpose of improving a particular part of an image or photo. If anyone needs to color correct a particular part keeping the other parts as it is or if anyone wants to change the color of different parts of an image professionally then a multi-clipping path or multiple selections must be needed as the primary task which will make the next step more easy.

White Background with Shadow

To display an image on the website or any ecommerce platforms “white background” is enough but sometimes the white background itself doesn’t make the product photos appealing to the customers and for such types of photos the shadow effect works well. Besides, adding shadow gives the photo a new dimension with a natural look. If you are looking for a budget friendly digital design company for clipping path with shadow service, Expert Graphic International will be the best destination for you.

White Background with Reflection Shadow

Reflection of the product is simply an extension of that product onto another surface which normally occurs due to the light and shadow. To give a photo, especially a product photo a three dimensional look and vibrancy “reflection shadow” works perfectly. As the photo with white background and reflection shadow gives extra dimension to its buyers, it has huge demand in today’s ecommerce business. If you want to give your product photos this type of extra dimension to boost up your sales, you can contact us anytime.

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The Clipping Path and the Importance of Clipping Path Service in Photo Editing Industry.

To realize the importance of clipping path service, we have to know what is clipping path and the types of clipping path services. Clipping path means creating a closed vector path or creating a shape around the respective subject using the pen tool of Photoshop. Though it is used for different purposes, mostly it is used to remove anything from a photo and to separate the particular part of the photo including shaping. Clipping path has different names in the different corners of the world such as clipping, vector clipping, vector path, multi clipping, contour, silo, selections, deep etched, cut out etc. Based on the complexity of images, there are different types of clipping path services such as basic clipping path, simple clipping path, complex clipping path, compound or multi-clipping path and super complex clipping path.

Basic clipping path service: There are products which are quite simple in shape like circle, square, straight or round without any hole are called basic products and for this type of product photos basic clipping path is applied. These types of products are frame, box, square mirror, apple, orange, book, mobile, ball etc. The charge of clipping path service is quite low for this type of product and we, at Expert Graphic International, provide this service under the charge of $0.25 per image with best quality.

Simple clipping path service: The product photos which have holes or need more anchor points than the basic product photos are considered simple photos and simple clipping path service is applied for this type of photos. These types of products are watches, rings, earrings, shirts, pants, chairs etc. We, at Expert Graphic International, provide the simple clipping path service under the charge of $0.50 per image with best quality.

Complex clipping path service: The images that have rough surface and edges including several holes and curves fall under complex clipping path service and these types of products are flowers, jewelry items, plants, cycle etc. Normally these types of images take a lot of time to create clipping paths around them and this because it is a bit expensive service but we are a budget friendly clipping path service provider who are committed to serve the best within your expected budget. To try us, just hit the free trial button above or below this writing which is completely free.

Compound clipping path service: Compound clipping path is also known as multi clipping path which is normally created for correcting colors for the specific part of an image. In this process multiple paths are created on one image based on the final requirements of that image and it is a bit time consuming compared to the single path image. For example, there is an image of group people where you want to change the color of shirts of two peoples and improve their skin area keeping the other peoples as they are originally. To do this task professionally, you must have to create compound paths or multi clipping paths for the specific areas.

Super Complex Clipping Path: In the post production process there are a number of images which need countless anchor points to path out them perfectly and for this type of images super complex clipping path service is required. Normally an editor needs to spend 2-6 hours per image to path out this type of image perfectly. Group image of people, cycle, chain or necklace, interior shots, exterior shots are the examples of these types of products.

Importance of Clipping Path Service: Clipping path service is a common and essential service in regards to photo editing and every photo editor knows the core value of this service. In the photo editing process, the importance of the clipping path is much more than description. Without a clipping path it is not possible to edit a photo professionally, whether it is a simple image or an image of high end retouching. If anyone wants to remove the background of an image professionally, clipping path is a must. If anyone wants to change the color of an image to another color, clipping path is a must. If anyone wants to improve the skin area of an image, clipping path is a must. In a word, almost everywhere of photo editing needs clipping path service either as a primary task or as a final task.

Tips to Hire a Best and Budget Friendly Clipping Path Agency

Hiring the best clipping path agency is a bit difficult in this competitive marketing world as most of the companies come up with commercial brags. However, after a thorough research we have tried our best to find out some aspects which will help you to understand the quality of the best clipping path agencies. Just review our following findings and make your decision wisely.

Quality and Capability of work

Before hiring a clipping path agency, it is mandatory to go through a trial process which will help you to judge the quality of the work. At the same time, you need to know the capability of that digital agency to process volume images because a giant photo editing agency can ensure your quality as well as sustainability which will help you to process volume images as well as to do further work with them. Among the best clipping path companies Expert Graphic International is one who has the capability of processing large volumes of images and open for free trial to show the quality of work.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive price is one of the most considerable variables regarding choosing a right and professional clipping path company in the market. Choosing a high priced company will not be a right decision because it will be harmful for your business for a long run, similarly choosing a low priced company can put your project under a risk. So you should select such a digital photo editing company who are competitive in their price.

Turnaround Timing

The standard turnaround time is 20-24 hours for a photo editing company but it may differ from company to company. A professional clipping path company knows that the turnaround time is a crucial factor especially for large volumes of images and they are quite aggressive to deliver the completed project on time. So before selecting a clipping path agency, everyone should consider the turnaround time as one of the important aspects.

Working Experience

There is a saying “practice makes a man perfect” so we can say experience makes a designer a perfect designer who can serve the clients as per their demand first time. In the hands of an experienced team your project is as secure as the baby in its mother’s arm. So to get the best service and competitive price, try your best to drop your project in the hands of an experienced team like us.

Data Security

The last but important thing is your data security while choosing an image editing company or clipping path company as your work partner. A professional image editing company committed to protect its client’s intellectual property so your photos or any data is safe in their hand.

If you are planning to select a clipping path agency for your upcoming images, you should verify this security matter first.

Why Should Hire Expert Graphic International for Clipping Path Service

Expert Graphic International is one of the leading digital clipping path agencies who are budget friendly and quite aggressive to deliver the best result to its clients. Undoubtedly there are several reasons to choose Expert Graphic International as your photo editing partner and among them we are describing the noticeable aspects below-

Open for “Free Trial” up to 10 images so that you can check the quality before starting a project.

Ready to provide a “Free Trial” within 2-5 hours or sooner so that you can make the decision immediately.

200+ experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to provide you the best service.

Competitive price and client friendly approach where you will definitely get a premium feel.

Available for overnight and rush delivery without any extra charge.

Organized with the latest technology and software but fully human oriented agency.

High speed internet for speeding up file transfer process and 6 months’ backup storage.

Secured and popular file transfer interfaces such as “Wetransfer”, “Hightail”, “Dropbox” and FTP server.

24/7 customer support and available to receive a call via Phone, Skype and WhatsApp.

Easy and secure payment gateways eligible for PayPal, Debit card and credit card in addition to the bank transfer.

Want to get professional clipping path services?


How do you create the clipping path?

We create hand-drawn clipping paths using Photoshop for a pixel perfect image and we have a skilled team particularly for clipping path or background removal service.

What is your turnaround time for clipping path service?

Our turnaround time for clipping path or background removal service is 24 hours for any volume image but for super complex category of images the turnaround time may be 24-48 hours.

Can I send you some images or 1 image for clipping path service?

Yes, you can send us any volume of images, even a single image for clipping path service. We don’t have any limitations from our end about the quantity of images.

What is the difference between clipping path service and background removal?

Basically, a clipping path is created for removing background as well as separating a specific part of an image from other areas so that it can be improved or changed further whereas background removal is the service which is done by clipping path.

What software is used for clipping path services?

Clipping path services can be done using various photo editing software, but the most commonly used programs are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and GIMP.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image editing tool with many features and tools for clipping path services. Its selection tools, such as the Pen tool, Magnetic Lasso tool, and Quick Selection tool, allow users to create precise selections and paths around the subject of an image. Photoshop’s Layer Mask feature can also refine and adjust the clipping path.

Adobe Illustrator is another popular software for clipping path services, especially vector-based images. Its Pen and Path tools are great for creating precise paths and shapes around the subject of an image. Illustrator also has a live preview feature that allows users to see the changes they make in real-time.

GIMP, which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is free and open-source software that is similar to Photoshop in functionality. It has a range of selection tools, including the Path tool, that allows users to create clipping paths around the subject of an image. GIMP also has a Layer Mask feature that can refine and adjust the clipping path.

What is the turnaround time for a clipping path project?

The turnaround time for a clipping path project can vary depending on the complexity of the image and the number of images to be edited. However, most professional photo editing companies can provide a 24-48 hour turnaround time.

Who needs clipping path services?

Anyone who wants to remove the background of an image or who wants to color change of an image or improve a specific area of an image. Basically, photographers, post production agencies, website owners, ecommerce business owners, busy graphic designers, advertising studios etc seek clipping path service.

Do you use a pen tablet to separate photos with natural hair?

Yes, we have a special team who are quite familiar with pen tablets. They use pen tablets for masking hair areas and for removing the background of furry images.

Are you a budget friendly clipping path agency?

Of course, we are a budget friendly clipping path agency who has great respect for the customer’s budget. We are always open for negotiation so you can finish your project as per your expected budget.

How can I upload images to you?

To upload the image, you could upload using your own preferred way or you could upload the images using this website link For your information there are two transfer methods “Hightail” and “Wetransfer” under this link and you can use any of them which is convenient for you.