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Expert Graphic International is a pioneer organization with a vast knowledge of photography images to make them colorize. When you want to manipulate an image completely or any part of an image by changing its color to another color then it calls Color changes or color variants service. Though there are a few reasons to change the color of an image, mostly it is done to create a visual effect in the eyes of customers. If you want to get the true-to-life color of a product in any shade or a perfect pop of color to showcase your e-commerce products, then we are the right destination for you.

You have several color variants for a single product or lots of variants for hundreds of products but you don’t have enough time to shoot every single variant, Just shoot one variant from each category and send us to make the other variants mentioning your required color names or sending the color swatches. We change each and every product’s color by hand, which means manually keeping it neutral and textures look just right.

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Types of Color Variants And Color Correction Service

Here is a list of Color Variants And Color Correction Service that we provide.   

Simple Color Change or Color Correction

Simple, complicated, and pattern replacement are the three sorts of color shifting and color corrections services we offer. The first step of these services is the “Simple Color Change service,” which applies to simple color alterations or color correction operations. Please view our samples for more information.

Complex Color Change or Color Correction

There are some items where we need to use complex procedures to change the color or fix color faults in the image, and we refer to this as the “Complex Color Change or Color Correction” service. This style of graphic normally takes more time and effort than basic photos. You are kindly invited to explore our examples, which will give you an idea of our experience in the field of Complex Color Change or Color Correction.

Pattern Replacement

“Pattern Replacement” is our most special and sophisticated service, requiring extra attention from the designers as well as the application of advanced techniques. Pattern replacement service has recently gained popularity since it takes less time and costs less money than shooting all of the pattern variations. You’ll be astounded at how our staff accomplishes such complicated work while maintaining a natural appearance. We’ve included an example below to help you visualize it better.

Exposure and color correction

Regarding lifestyle images, almost everyone faces a common problem of exposure and color due to the over light or under light of the weather. Besides, there are some images which may not need much editing rather exposure and color correction are enough to make those images nice in look. If this type of problem bothers you, give us your images and be satisfied.

Retouching and color correction

There are some products where even the high end camera fails to deliver the expected quality or original look of the product. For fixing this type of problem “retouching and color correction” is only way to go. Our retouching and color correction service makes your product photos appealing and natural in look. Just review our enclosed before-after sample and be your judge.

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What are color variants and Color Correction Service

Color correcting is a post-production technical operation that occurs after a film has been completed. Film colorists employ editing software to modify the color, contrast, and exposure of film footage so that it seems natural and raw, as it would appear to the human eye in real life.

When you modify a picture (or a portion of an image) to make it a different color, this is known as color variations or color changes.

You might wish to adjust the colors of an image for a variety of reasons. Goods color modifications are commonly utilized to provide the desired visual impression for your clients and to persuade people to purchase your product.

Expert Graphic International can provide you with the best color correction service with our best experience and professionalism.

Importance of Color Variants and Color Variation Service

Retailers must display distinct color product photos for eCommerce. It will, however, assist buyers in identifying each variety of your merchandise. Color correction also saves significant editing time for e-commerce companies, allowing them to focus on customer pleasure rather than post-processing.

If you’re adding new colors to an established product line, color variants are useful. You don’t have time or money during the session to have all of the photographs in various color options emerge. Because color variation services can save you time while editing, regardless of color.

Customers and clients will have a great experience with the picture editing firm. Please give us your photos so you can go back to working for your company. We’ll promptly and affordably offer high-quality, natural-colored hues. When you have numerous color options for a single product, shooting it once and changing the color later with photo editing software makes sense.

Repurpose your photography investment for product listings, your website, marketing, and more. However, when you have hundreds of goods and hundreds of versions, the burden soon mounts.

When it comes to product launches and promotions, a simple color change for a few files may quickly snowball into a massive batch that takes the entire week. That leaves no time for you to expand your business, much alone pursue your artistic interests.

How to Color Variants and Color Correction Service is Done?

Changing the hue of a photo adds more diversity to a standard photograph. Color correcting services can alter the overall appearance of a picture. Any product with too many duplicates must be repainted for e-commerce items.

Regardless matter how damaged your images are, repainting them can improve their appearance and attract customers. This color shift also comprises the creation of a desired, ideal color combination. Repainting photographs also help with product image correction, modification, and design.


Removes the distracting feature of the images


To get the required backdrop, leave the clipped area behind.


One is built out of common photographs that are rather fascinating.


Favorite image with a personal touch Removes the distracting feature of the images


To get the required backdrop, leave the clipped area behind.


One is built out of common photographs that are rather fascinating.


Favorite image with a personal touch

When Should Color Variants Be Used?

Customers can readily compare color alternatives if you keep everything else the same and only change the color of the product in the photo. Shooting a natural shot does not capture the product’s true color. You can’t shoot a new commercial for a new product in an existing product range.

You don’t require time or money for fresh photography if you merely have one or more color samples for the shooting and you receive these photographs. When you have a list of SQs to photograph, however, it is more efficient to visualize a color variant for each.

When Should Color Variants Not Be Used?

You sell one-of-a-kind products so you must show the product aesthetically if it does not come in all the hues. In general, using a mix of ghost standards and live models is preferable. On older websites, Ghost maintains the consistency of thumbnails and pictures of your main product. Live models, on the other hand, add a human and relativity aspect. It gives buyers a context for items.

Why You Should Hire Us for Color Variants Service

Expert Graphics International offers professional and quick color variants services for product images. To give you the best color variants services, we worked incredibly hard. We also provide Ghost Mannequin Service so that these images can easily attract new customers.

Our commitment to completing projects within the deadline is one of our major abilities. We are also knowledgeable about the topic. We continuously put these into practice at work.

We have mastered several photo-editing procedures. These photo editors have some impressive skills.

Thanks to our proficiency in photo editing, we can complete even the most difficult tasks. Our clients will benefit from several intriguing advantages of using color variants services.

Providing knowledgeable assistance to our clients is our top focus. Furthermore, we don’t exaggerate how exceptional our services are.

As a result, if you need a long-term solution to do color variant services in a bulk for your company. The ideal images for your business will be quickly produced as we take care of your demands.

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Why Is Color Correction Important in Photography?

Color grading is a useful technique for photo editing. It establishes the tone of your picture. The Lightroom tool is simple to use and powerful in terms of creativity. Your photographs take on a whole new appearance with only a few color wheel rotations.

What Is a Color Variant?

What are color variations and what do they mean? When you modify a picture (or a portion of an image) to make it a different color, this is known as color variations or color changes. You might wish to adjust the colors of an image for a variety of reasons.

What Is a Natural Color Variation?

Many natural goods have color variation, which is caused by a variety of factors such as the product’s country of origin, the state of the soil where it was produced, enzyme activity, moisture content, heat, oxidation, and other factors.

What Is the Difference Between Color Correction and Color Grading?

Color correction is the process of restoring (or repairing) colors in a video or film to their original state for your project. The practice of grading (or modifying) colors in a video or film to give it a distinctive look is known as color grading.