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The word manipulation is a negative word for most of the cases in the real world but when it comes to photo editing with the word “creative” it makes a new art with photos which is mesmerizing. It is the most brilliant and creative art form of the digital design world. If anyone does not have the expertise in different photo editing methods including the advanced knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, it is not possible to create a creative photo. The product or outcome of creative photo manipulation is used for advertising, books, magazine and magazine cover, social media platforms and for the agencies who require extraordinary photos for promotional purposes. Our creative photo manipulation service covers different types of innovative manipulations such as professional image blending, image composition, image morphing, professional photo collage etc.

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Types of Creative Photo Manipulation Service

Here is a list of Creative Photo Manipulation Service that we provide.  

Professional Image Blending Service

Professional image blending service is a service of making a perfect portrait photo by merging two or three photos together so that it will look all the people have posed together naturally. There is another form of photo blending service which is transforming an ordinary photo to an extra ordinary or magazine quality photo for creating ads, cards, packaging, book and magazine covers etc.

Professional Image Composition Service

Image Composition service is another form of image blending service in a creative way. The purpose of these two services are almost the same, which is compositing a new photo from two or three photos. We at Expert Graphic international are quite confident doing any type of image compositing whatever it is human or product photos. If you are eager to get an image composition service like the enclosed example, give us a try and get satisfied.

Professional Image Morphing Service

Photo morphing or image morphing is a digital magic where you can see the gradual change of the human face such as your age is twenty now but you want to see what type of changes will happen when your age will be thirty-five and fifty and we can make it happen using the advanced techniques of Photoshop. This service is mostly suitable for showing the gradual change of human faces but it goes for other objects that need artistic transformations.

Professional Photo Collage Service

Photo Collage is the system of displaying precious photos together in an artistic way. It is the service of creating one canvas with various photos which may tell the story itself without any words or it may be the collection of sweet memories. To get this amazing service from us at an affordable cost just upload your images. Undoubtedly we can say that we are one of the best photo collage service providers in the market.

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The Value of Creative Photo Manipulation in the CThe Value of Creative Photo Manipulation in the Photo Editing Industry

 In this day and age, photo manipulation proves to be a vital tool to strengthen a brand’s image and storytelling. Creative photo manipulationassists in paving the path to making your business cards, product brochures, templates, postcards, etc more visually appealing. Additionally, publications, magazine cover photos, product packaging & ads, book covers, newspapers, music, ads, galleries, and so forth use this service. This technique is occasionally used to convey satirical or witty ideas. Thanks to creative photo manipulation services,you will be able to attract and retain more customers and generate higher revenues for your company.We offer a variety of cutting-edge photo restoration and creative photo manipulationservices, including image morphing, photo collage, expert image blending, and professional image composition.

Professional Image Blending Service:

A professional image blending service is mostly used for businesses that have to market their products in a way that pulls in customers. This type of service can combine two or three images to create the ideal portrait, giving the impression that everyone is naturally posing together. In this service, we also transform your regular photos into magazine-worthy images that you can use in advertisements, packaging, etc. Expert Graphic International offers you free trial facilities to judge our work. With only $ 4.99 per image, you can access superior quality professional image blending services.

Professional Image Composition Service:

In professional image composition service, the idea is to combine two or three images in a much more creative manner than found in our professional image blending service. There is a heightened similarity in both these services but you will find differences in our final outputs.The distinction between a composite image and a collage is substantial.Expert Graphic International pledges you high-quality image composition be it products or humans. To understand the difference, try our services for free by clicking the “Get Free Trial” button now.

Professional Image Morphing Service:

We all have come across morphed photos at some part of our lives. However, professional image morphing is vividly different and an integral part of creative photo manipulationand the photo editing industry in general. It entails altering and elevating multiple photos to getthe final image.The process includes applying sophisticated Photoshop techniques. This service works best when demonstrating the progressive transition of human faces, but it can also be applied to other items that require artistic alteration.

Professional Image Morphing Service:

We all have come across morphed photos at some part of our lives. However, professional image morphing is vividly different and an integral part of creative photo manipulation and the photo editing industry in general. It entails altering and elevating multiple photos to getthe final image.The process includes applying sophisticated Photoshop techniques. This service works best when demonstrating the progressive transition of human faces, but it can also be applied to other items that require artistic alteration.

Professional Photo Collage Service:

This service is another way of arranging and placing a series of photos in a creative way. It’s a service that involves assembling multiple photos onto a single canvas to create a collection of nostalgic images or a story that speaks for itself without the need for words. Expert Graphic International vows top-tier professional photo collage service you can utilize in banners for display in business events, websites, marketing campaigns, etc starting from only $4.99 per image.

Value of creative photo manipulation:

Creative photo manipulation is a magical tool that has helped several graphic designers and artists elevate their work and pull in more attraction from the general audience.Without a doubt, the power of creative photo manipulation goes a long way. With the help of creative photo manipulation, brands can promote their products and services with proper vision and emotion instilled onto their products customers can easily understand just by looking. Not only has creative photo manipulation paved the path for elevating brand images, but also it has been significantly impacted through social media as well. With the rise of digital marketing and social media, photos, audio, and visuals are pressured to look and sound their best. With creative photo manipulation, Expert Graphic International ensures your photos come out with striking texture, blending, and retouching effects.

Your Guide to Hiring Reasonable and The Best Agency For Creative Photo Manipulation

Creative photo manipulation is an exquisite art if mastered and applied to images the correct way. It has reshaped and changed the game in the photo editing industry. Not many can hone this skill and hence it is essential to choose the right agency that will help you beautifully recreate your photos. Here are some of the essentials you must look for when hiring an agency for creative photo manipulation services.


Before hiring any agency for creative photo manipulation, it is important to have an idea about their pricing levels and how on par they are with their standard of work. While affordability is one of the key features anyone looks at, it is also important to examine whether the final product is worthy or not. Favoring price over quality might indicate poor quality images which will not create client retention. Excessively expensive agencies are not a good investment in the long run either. Expert Graphic International brings you the perfect combination of reasonable pricing and outstanding creation photo manipulation services.

Background Check

Before selecting and hiring an agency, it would be a wise decision to do a background check on the targeted agency. There are now hundreds of agencies and people make the common mistake of comparing them with each other and judging them beforehand. Make sure to conduct proper research that lets you know about their business policies, work methods, and how they deal with their customers.

Years of Experience

Experience is a vital variable in this field. Creative photo manipulation requires years of practice and practical knowledge to understand the market and the client’s needs. When hiring an agency, it is imperative topay attention to how long they have been in the industry. Expert Graphic International is an agency operating in the photo editing scene since 2010. You can trust us for any services beyond creative photo manipulation as well.

Timing for turnaround

Professional photo editing companies are quite proactive in delivering the finished product on schedule since they understand how important turnaround times are, particularly for big batches of photos. Therefore, turnaround time should be taken into account along with other key factors when choosing a photo editing service.

High emphasis on data and security

Confidentiality is key when you are dealing with any professional photo editing agency. You must make sure the agency you are entrusting has a proper security system with adequate backup technology. With relatively weak security, agencies may lose your photos or have chances of falling into the wrong hands in case of any glitch in the system. Expert Graphic International takes your privacy seriously and has SSL encryption which safeguards your photos.

Why Choose Expert Graphic International for Creative Photo Manipulation

Expert Graphic International continues to be dedicated to giving clients all across the world the best possible results.Why choose us? There are plenty of reasons which we have mentioned below.

A fast turnaround time is a top priority for Expert Graphic International, and we welcome your feedback and urgent requests at all times.

Satisfied customers are our priority.

Enjoy unbeatable premium-grade photo restoration services available at incredibly affordable rates.

Our team comprises more than 200 experienced graphic designers who work tirelessly to deliver flawless outcomes to you.

Depending on the amount of work, we can deliver in 12 hours or less.

We have over 200 talented designers working for us, making us a dependable team for handling big orders. 

We offer rush delivery in 5–6 hours without charging more. We provide these big orders discounts of up to 60%.

When it comes to payment methods, Expert Graphic International is very flexible. We take PayPal, bank transfer, and credit and debit card payments.

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What software do you use for photo editing?

Expert Graphic Internationaluses multiple photo editing software to give your photo the ultimate professional look. Among photo editing software, we are accustomed to using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and GIMP. We use GIMP mainly for our image manipulation and it can be found in our creative photo manipulation service.

What happens in professional image blending service?

In a professional image blending service, we combine multiple images into one canvas so that it looks like everyone is posing together.

What makes a professional image composition service different than a professional image blending service?

Professional image composition service produces much more creative results although they combine multiple photos which is similar to professional image blending services.

How does creative photo manipulation work?

Creative photo manipulation is an artistic process. Expert Graphic International works with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which facilitates layering, blending, and transforming a simple regular photo in a much more enhanced and elevated form.

How do I request a free quote?

It is very simple. Browse the service you would like to purchase from our service section and click on the “Get a Quote” button. After doing so, upload your required images and wait for our delivery. After we are done with fixing your photo, you will be able to download the file easily.

What is your turnaround time?

We offer a 12-hour turnaround time at no additional expense.