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Almost all the people in the universe know the word “fashion” but in the apparel industry the word “fashion” goes for introducing new products. Hence the fashion photos play a vital role to present different types of clothing products and other fashion products because the products are displayed with a perfect human model or on a lifestyle background. In today’s world both fashion photography and the fashion photo editing services are equally essential to display clothing items and other fashion items perfectly on the online store or on any digital platforms. Before a photo shoot, a professional fashion photographer must ensure a life-like location with warm atmosphere and proper lighting for the best outcome. Most of the time they can bring the outcome close to expectation but in some cases they need to seek help from a photo editing company to enhance their fashion photos up to mark. As photography itself doesn’t give a photo stunning look, we are here to provide you this service to make your first impression unforgettable to the buyers.

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Types of Fashion Photo Editing Service

Here is a list of Fashion Photo Editing Service that we provide.  

Magazine photo editing Service

Before preparing a photo for a magazine, a lot of post-production work is needed to improve different parts of a photo like creating a multi-clipping path for each clothing item separately including separating the hair and skin area, skin retouching, color and exposure correction, HDR blending etc. In this regard our expert hands are ready to serve you the best and to give an idea of our editing we have enclosed a sample here.

Model photo editing Service

When a model wears clothing items to present it commercially or for any business purposes and go through a professional photography session, it is called fashion photography and the photos are called fashion photos. To display this type of photos with a vibrant look, photographers or clothing brand owners want to retouch the model photo in addition to retouching the clothing items. We are at Expert Graphic International, providing model photo editing service with superb quality.

Lifestyle Photo editing Service

Lifestyle Photo is a style of photo which is taken from the different situations of everyday life or from real events where the purpose is to show the lives of people and their sincere emotions in the real world. Photography post production or editing after photography is almost mandatory for this type of photos as the owners of those photos always demand to present their photos in an artistic manner.

Travel Photo editing Service

On the page of the book, travelling is still considered as a hobby but in reality travelling is becoming a popular trend which is also mandatory for sound health and mind. During travel time people take hundreds of photos without becoming aware enough or without proper poses. That’s why these photos need further editing as per the requirement of the photo owner. Besides, now-a-days fashion brands are shooting their fashion products in the different tourist places with the mood of travel photography and these photos also need post production work.

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Fashion Photo Editing and Importance in the Photo Editing Industry

The fashion industry is a billion-dollar business and photography is one of the finest ways to spread the word. What is even more important is fashion photo editing which can completely revamp and enhance images in the fashion scene, making it look much more professional and striking. To improve and make the photos stand out, never-endingfashion photo editing is essential to make the pictures truly shine and stand out from their competitors. In the highly skilled field of fashion image editing, we provide plenty of services where fashion photos are enhanced and retouchedto produce a visually captivating experience. Whether you’re a startup or an established fashion business, you need to present your products in the greatest light to draw clients and increase revenue.

Retouching for Image Services:

 Fashion designers and companies might benefit from professional portrait retouching. Expert Graphic International helps you get high-quality pictures with this type of editing service that will not turn your client around. Our image retouching services start from only $1.49. It helps a great deal with your marketing endeavors and removes marks or stains from the skin. Rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and red eyes by using our image retouching service. It is the most effective method for making photos appear as though they would be at home in a magazine.

Glamour retouching services:

Higher-end retouching, known as “glamour retouching,” is typically saved for images of male and female models. Glamour retouching services are extremely useful for fashion photo editing. Expert Graphic International is the best option for you if you’re looking for sophisticated or glamorous retouching, as they were created especially for this kind of editing. You can start our free trial any time you want.

Color correcting services:

Without going overboard, a model’s tone can be enhanced along with the background. We take great care when editing, bringing out the best in each shot while leaving the flaws that make it unique. In case of any presence of uneven tone, we simply fix the issue with our color-correcting technology which only starts from $0.75. We can replace your pattern and even deal with complex color changes if needed to be done as well.

Model photo retouching:

As part of our retouching services, available from the range of $1.49, we also specialize in retouching model photos as part of fashion photo editing. Models make or break the intent any fashion magazine or website wants to sell. Hence, making sure the models have the perfect retouching is vital. Expert Graphic International will provide you with top-notch quality edited photos giving the full picture an excellent touch. You can examine and try out our services by clicking on the free trial now.

Color masking service:

In the realm of e-commerce, hue plays a significant role since it can draw in customers fast when a product is shown in a warm, appealing color. When uploading different images on websites, the color pallet can differ leaving the risk of not attracting potential customers. With Expert Graphic International, you will get the correct hues in place attracting customers and generating more revenues. Don’t believe us? Try our free trial for color masking services now and be amazed at the results that await you.

Importance of editing fashion photos:

Fashion photo editing remains an extremely indispensable tool in the photo editing industry. Our services of retouching, color masking, and correcting can make your fashion photos one of a kind. Without a proper professional touch, the photo remains incomplete and is unable to represent a brand’s image to its customers. Expert Graphic International understands the magic of fashion photo editing and promises to deliver the best results which are unmatched by any competitor.

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Best Fashion Photo Editing Agency

The task of hiring a capable fashion photo editing agency might sound daunting. There are so many factors that need to be considered that the search may seem to be never-ending. To make your life easier, we have prepared the ultimate guidelines for hiring the best fashion photo editing agency for you.

Level of Expertise:

When on the hunt for hiring the best photo editing agency, one of the smartest decisions for you would be to examine the level of years the agency has devoted itself to in fashion photo editing. An agency with a good amount of experience can prove itself to be reliable as they are skilled and knows what clients want in this industry. Expert Graphic International is one such best photo editing company in the market since 2010. If you are looking for an agency that knows what’s in and has years of experience, we will certainly not fail you

Value for money:

Make sure whichever agency you are hiring is giving you the right value for the money you are investing in. Expert Graphic International promises you the best service while being budget-friendly for all customers. As the leading photo editing service provider, we have a professional three-step quality control procedure in place to guarantee that our customers receive work of the highest caliber and without errors.


Security is a big factor to consider when selecting the best fashion photo editing agency. It is crucial to examine an agency’s policy and carefully review what they choose to do with a client’s sensitive data. Our team assures you the highest level of security encryption and complete confidentiality. The photos you give us to work on are carefully handled by our team without any intrusion from third parties.


Flexibility is a key feature you must look for in fashion photo editing agencies. Often when photos are sent, you or your customers might not be fully satisfied with the output. Hence, it is important to know if the agency has any policy for re-doing and correcting any complaints received. Expert Graphic International is an agency that is available to you 24/7 and will recreate anything if the expectations are not met.

Turnaround time:

Turnaround time is a highly essential variable when hiring a fashion photo editing agency. The fashion industry itself is rather fast-paced and requires photo editing delivery as soon as possible due to the high levels of competition. Hence, be careful about the agency and the turnaround time they usually work on. Being late may mean falling behind other brands and losing your brand value.

Hire the Best & Budget-friendly Fashion Photo Editing Services with Expert Graphic International

If you want the best of both worlds where both the price and quality of photo editing services are top-notch, Expert Graphic International is your solution. The reasons for choosing us are immense. Let’s dive into why we are the best fashion photo editing service provider around the globe.

Superior quality fashion photo editing combined with a variety of photo editing services.

Our option for “Free Trial” helps our clients to examine if we are the right fit for them.

Attractive pricing for every service package including wedding photo editing, catalog design services, etc.

We have been serving in the industry of photo editing for over 13 years covering many areas of expertise.

Expert Graphic International is the most trustworthy photo editing agency you will find with high emphasis placed on customer confidentiality.

World-class customer service, available 24/7 wherever you are, whatever you need. You can contact us on WhatsApp, Skype, or even on the phone.

We offer urgent deliveries overnight as we know how fast-paced the fashion industry is without any extra charge.

Simple payment getaway via PayPal and bank transfer.

We use secure file transfer methods likeDropbox, Wetransfer, hightail, and FTP servers.

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What is fashion photo editing?

Fashion photo editing is used to improve, polish, and enhance your fashion photos so they look professional and eye-catching on websites and magazines.

Why is fashion photo editing important?

The fashion industry is incredibly vast and competitive. Without professional fashion editing to help you complete the final look, it is easy to fall behind other rival brands.

What services are provided in the fashion photo editing industry?

Plenty of services can be found in the fashion photo editing industry. These services include color correction, model photo retouching, glamour retouching, blending, removing blemishes, scars, wrinkles, etc. These services create a meaningful impact on your final photo.

Who needs fashion photo editing services?

Fashion photo editing services are necessary for companies, fashion retailers, photographers, and e-commerce fashion website owners since they aid in the sale of their products.

Is Expert Graphic International a budget-friendly fashion photo editing agency?

Expert Graphic International is the most affordable and highly geared photo editing agency you will find. You will be happy to know we offer free trials and our service packages start from only $0.25 per image.

Do we have to send a certain volume of photos to you?

No, you do not. You can give us any number of pictures for our fashion photo editing services, even just one. There are no restrictions on the number of photos that we can provide from our end.