Ghost Mannequin Service

Quality and reproducibility of work are the keys to our today’s position in the industry. And to give you that Expert Graphic International, the leading Ghost Mannequin Service Provider, provides you with the best Ghost Mannequin Services. We are efficient in using Adobe Creative Cloud Photography. Our expert professionalism will not give you a single place to complain about our service.

The removal of a mannequin from a product photograph is referred to as a “ghost mannequin service.” This is carried out during post-production image editing. By doing so, the mannequin or model will be gone and the apparel will appear to be worn by a real person. The invisible mannequin is one of the most widely utilized effects in fashion photography.

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Types of Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Service we Offer

The ghost mannequin photography service is divided into different categories based on the procedures and regions where mannequins are removed. The rationale for the division and creation of the category is that not all photographs require the complete removal of the dummy. As a result, charging our clients for deleting a full-body mannequin while just wiping a few areas of it is unreasonable.


Simple Ghost Mannequin/ Neck Joint

We call it Simple Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint when someone simply wants to join the neck region, including clipping path and backdrop removal to white or any other color. It is a simple Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint service.

Ghost Mannequin With Wrinkle Removal

Even after eliminating the backdrop and neck joint, some items have unpleasant or undesired wrinkles and seem blurry. To give this sort of product depth, we used the liquefy technique to eliminate the ugly creases as well as dust and specs from the product, as well as a clipping path and eliminating the backdrop

Neck Joint and Sleeve Joint

Some items require the joining of the neck and sleeve parts to provide a comprehensive view of the product. This job is being done by our skilled team with a thorough hand.

Bottom Joint

To save money on further editing, some photographers are now employing unusual sorts of dolls during picture shoots, where you may just need to attach the bottom half of the garment. Furthermore, certain items require a neck joint as well as a bottom section joint to exhibit the entire object. We are offering this service at the highest level of quality.

3D Ghost Mannequin

3D ghost mannequin service is a higher degree of ghost mannequin service that gives your merchandise depth and dimension. There is a significant distinction between ghost mannequin service and 3D ghost mannequin service, which anybody can clearly recognize when looking at the aesthetic differences between the two products.

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What is Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint?

What is Ghost Mannequinneck Joint?

Ghost mannequin photographs are a great way to spice up your e-commerce material. The mannequin’s undetectable influence breathes life into clothing. Employing mannequins may also save money and time when compared to using live models.

Taking many photos of a product and blending them in post-production creates the ghost mannequin effect. Using a ghost mannequin effect service eliminates the time-consuming process of carefully integrating many pictures into a single product image.

Photographers are usually advised to use mannequins instead of real models because they are less expensive and more difficult to schedule. People, on the other hand, dislike seeing things displayed on mannequins on his website or any other digital platform.

Rather, they seek to portray the object as empty or ghostly, which is where the term “Ghost Mannequin” originates from. The Invisible Mannequin Effect is another name for this service. Expert Graphic International is the best ghost mannequin service and neck joint service provider that you will find in the market.

Importance of Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint

The garment business, particularly e-commerce sites, uses the internet to display and sell its items. Various firms are now using an internet platform to sell their items and persuade others to make purchases online. It is critical to properly display items to attract customers and encourage them to purchase them.

Because apparels vary in size, color, and form, much editing is necessary, as well as an image that must be adequately optimized before being shown on a website.

Most e-commerce sites use models or dummies to display goods since it gives the consumer a good idea of how the garment will appear when they put it on their body. Using a mannequin is not recommended since it is unsightly and undesirable to look at. As a result, when exhibiting a product on an e-commerce website, the mannequin should be avoided.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint

Benefits of Ghost Mannequinneck Joint

The usage of invisible mannequin photography techniques may help your studio, whether you are a budding studio or a high-volume studio. Among the advantages are:


Increase the amount of content produced


Color calibration is simple.


It needs less support personnel.


Increase the number of products on the product detail page.


Increase sales


Customer satisfaction is important.

It may be difficult and time-consuming to get the correct color match between mannequins and model photographs. Recalibrations will not slow down your model studio if you use the mannequin setup for color calibration.

Simply provide us with your reference photograph, and we’ll color-correct both the model and the mannequin photos using our ghost mannequin product image enhancement services. You’ll save time, effort, and money while still receiving color-calibrated product photographs that are flawless!


How is Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint service done?

How is Ghost Mannequinneck Joint Service Done

In any case, a mannequin was created by combining the inside and front portions. Following that, a clipping path is applied to the front and interior parts by joining them, and the desktop is removed. In situations like this, the role loses emphasis. To get a realistic perspective, Photoshop retouching, color correction, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other techniques are used by the best ghost mannequin service.



Remove everything that you don’t want.


Remove the image’s objects.


Remove any artifacts from your photos.


Draw a path in the shape you desire to create the ideal image.


In the fall, shadow-creating services are available for e-commerce businesses.

What You Need to Do

Shoot Your Garment

First drop the garment on a respective mannequin gently. Install proper lighting and exposure to highlight the garment’s key features. Focus your lens to cover each details of the garment like color, textures and stitching. Get creative-you know what you are looking for from this product.

Shoot Garment’s Inner Part

Drop the garment on a respective mannequin gently again but in a reverse way. Make sure both the label and inner part of the neck is clearly visible. Focus your lens to cover garment’s inner neck area properly. Keep in mind neck area will be build using this part of the garment.

Upload Photos/Images

Finally select and accumulate the proper shots including their respective inner parts. Upload these images to Expert Graphic International for further processing. Be comfortable-use your preferred ways or EGI’s upload interface to upload the images. To upload large volume of images, ask for FTP account if you are familiar with this interface.


and get to know the quality of our work, price of the task and the speed of our team.

Tips to Hire an Ghost Mannequin Service Provider

Tips to Hire an Agency for Ghost Mannequin Service

Images of ghost mannequins are a terrific way to liven up your e-commerce content. Clothes are given life by the intangible impact of the mannequin. As opposed to using real models, using mannequins can also save time and money.

The ghost mannequin effect is produced by taking numerous images of a product and combining them in post-production. By using a ghost mannequine service, you may save the laborious process of painstakingly combining numerous images into a single product image.


If you can discover a provider that can offer the same quality for less money, you should always choose that one. Now all you need to do is keep looking till you locate it.


A ghost mannequin service can provide more high-quality photos the more adaptable it is. The adaptability of a service sets it apart from the competition. As a result, check the level of adaptability of the ghost mannequin service you’re considering

Easy to proceed

It can be a sign of poor quality if you ever have to fiddle with a ghost mannequin service’s ordering or maintenance procedures. An easy-to-follow approach ensures the effectiveness and quality of the service.

Privacy and security

A subpar ghost mannequin service is more likely to buy or use your photographs for their marketing. Your photographs can also be hacked because of their obsolete technologies. Choose the alternative that offers the maximum level of security as a consequence.

High-end quality

Your photographs’ premium quality is their most crucial feature. This is the place to be if you’re an internet store, photographer, or advertising. Therefore, make sure a ghost mannequin service offers the quality you desire before selecting it.

On-time delivery

Getting deliveries on schedule boosts your productivity and efficiency when you manage your firm. Additionally, as photos are crucial to marketing and advertising, it helps you maintain your business precisely.

Customer support

Businesses that offer customer service around-the-clock are dedicated to your photographs. Once you have this advantage, your ability to work with flexibility and efficiency will increase. Check to determine if a ghost mannequin service offers continuing customer support before selecting them.

Turnaround time

Turnaround times fluctuate for every company. You must decide which choice best meets the requirements of your business. Some businesses charge a rush fee when you need something completed quickly, while others don’t. Choose the best ghost mannequin service by focusing on your timeline.

High-quality commitment

Every ghost mannequin service emphasizes quality and exhibits dedication. However, you must visit their website, look through their portfolio, and assess the caliber of their work to determine which one best suits your needs and aesthetic preferences.


Likely, a ghost mannequin service won’t edit your pictures in the manner you wish. The most flexible course of action in that situation is a revision to complete your assignment. While some companies only provide a certain number of revisions, others let limitless revisions. Choose the option that can, at all costs, satisfy your needs.

Why You Should Hire Us for Ghost Mannequin Service Provider?

Expert Graphic International is a leading ghost mannequin service provider, offering quick and proficient ghost mannequin services for product images. We put a lot of effort into offering you the best ghost mannequin services.

Our commitment to fulfilling deadlines is one of our major abilities. Additionally, we comprehend the topic. We routinely implement these at work. We are professionals in a range of photo-editing methods. These photo editors are quite skilled. Thanks to our proficiency in photo editing, we are capable of handling even the most demanding tasks.

For our clients, using ghost mannequin services will have several intriguing benefits. Giving our clients professional service is our top focus. We also don’t exaggerate how excellent our services are. Consequently, if you need a long-term solution for ghost mannequin services for your company.

We’ll take care of your requirements and quickly produce the best images for your business. Expert Graphic International (EGI) is a one-stop shop for top-notch image alteration services. We have over ten years of experience in this field and 100 experienced graphic designers who are well-versed in the requirements for all types of image manipulation or graphics-related work, particularly for customers in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark.

We have a corporate office in Lisboa, Portugal, and a production studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in addition to our headquarters in Buffalo, New York, USA. Our highly qualified crew is ready to serve you around the clock, regardless of where you are in the globe or the time zone difference, to fulfill your graphics-related task.

We’d like to point out that, to better serve you, we hand-coordinated each order with a single designer. Photographers, e-commerce enterprises, design studios, advertising agencies, and individuals who wish to colorize their environment with the touch of graphics or Photoshop can benefit from our expert picture editing services.

To ensure that our customers receive the highest quality and error-free work, we implemented a three-step quality control method that demonstrates our professionalism.

As a result, you may reach us by email at any time because we are familiar with it. To give you an idea of our rates, we’ve included a typical price list that can be adjusted based on the intricacy of the photographs.

The pricing is usually determined by the amount of time it takes to finish an image, and we constantly aim to provide our customers the best deal possible.

Without a doubt, we can promise you that our price is competitive, and we are always willing to negotiate to service you within your budget.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Expert Graphic International. We are here to give you the highest quality graphic design services at a reasonable price. Use our “Contact Us” link to obtain specialized assistance with your photographs and to offer us useful comments. We assure you that we will respond as soon as possible with our best assistance.

Want to get professional Ghost Mannequin Or Neck Joint service?


What Is Ghost Mannequin Editing?

The Ghost Mannequin Algorithm merges the product picture (or front view) with the clothing inlay image, adds warping and shadows, and saves the result as a PSD or png file. This gives consumers on a tighter budget or with less skill, as well as huge brands and service firms, access to a powerful picture editing tool.

What Is Neck Joint Service?

The invisible mannequin service is also known as neck joint service. Neck Joint Services allows for the creation of both 2D and 3D objects. This enables the application of new technology in the field of digital photography. Jackets, swimwear, pants, shirts, and so on.

What Is the Mannequin Effect?

The ghost mannequin effect (also known as the invisible mannequin effect) occurs when photographers erase models and mannequins from product shots using post-processing editing and Photoshop magic. There are several reasons why you would wish to employ this effect in your product photography.

What Is Mannequin Photography?

An invisible ghost mannequin designed particularly for photography is one option. The ghost mannequins come with detachable limbs and body parts, so no Photoshop work is required. Simply outfit the “ghost mannequin” in your clothes before shooting. There is no need for post-production.

What Is Neck Joint Service on Photoshop?

Neck joint service refers to when a retoucher works on the cloth’s neck and fills in the area left after the mannequin has been removed. It necessitates a distinct neck part picture that must be linked to the original image