Professional High End Photo Retouching Service 

In the photo editing process, there are a few types of retouching work and among them the most premium retouching service is High end photo retouching service. It goes for all types of products like model photos, jewelry photos, watch photos, real estate photos etc. As it is an advanced type of retouching service, it involves a lot of editing such as clipping path, multi clipping path, imperfection or flaws removal, skin texture smoothing, color corrections, stray hair removal, object removal, etc. If you want to get a premium and natural look for model photos and product photos like jewelry and watches, you must need High end photo retouching service. We are the team who have been providing this High end retouching service for many years with utmost customer satisfaction. You don’t need to believe our saying; just give us a chance to prove ourselves by sending a few images to us and it is completely free for agencies like Photographers, studios, ecommerce owners, retailers etc.

Price Starts From $3.00 Per Image

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Types of High End Photo Retouching Service

Here is a list of High End Photo Retouching service that we provide.  

Model Photo Retouching service

To get a perfect and stunning look, most of the time model photos and wedding photos need High end retouching service. After a photo shoot, sometimes it is difficult for a photographer to spend time for further retouching, especially like High end retouching as it is detailed and time consuming work. Here, we have an experienced and professional High end photo retouching team for the busy Photographers, wedding planners, real estate Photographers and for those who need Professional high end photo retouching service.

Glamour Retouching Service

Glamour Retouching is a sensitive retouching service where the photo editor must need to work carefully keeping the natural texture properly or skin texture unchanged. This service directly goes to model photos, wedding photos and the photos of human beings. In other terms, it’s a non-destructive retouching service which makes a photo natural and cool in look. To visualize this service in detail, just review our enclosed sample here.

Object Removal Service

Object Removal Service is another type of retouching service where anyone needs to remove any particular object from a photo. But when it is done professionally and in a non-destructive way it is called High end object removal service. This service is mostly required for Real estate photographers or the real estate business owner for removing objects from their interior and exterior shots. To see our high end object removal service, just keep your eyes on our enclosed sample.

Headshot Retouching Service

Professional Headshot Retouching Service is required for corporate and branded photos for any promotional or business purposes. This service refers to a few sub services such as basic headshot touch ups, removing background or background blurring of headshot, skin smoothing and toning, whitening teeth and eye correction, brightness-contrast adjusting, blemishes and scars removal, braces and glass glare removal etc.

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High End Photo Retouching and its Importance in Sales and Marketing

The word “High-end” means the advanced level of anything and when it goes with retouching service it must be the innovative and advanced level of retouching service. Basically this type of retouching is needed for promotional purposes for web and print media. Also, this type of retouching needs for designing magazine cover or ads in magazine, fashion publications, real estate magazine, wedding magazine etc. High end photo retouching is a non-destructive photo retouching service where you will get a natural look with a premium vibe. As it is the high end retouching service, it covers all the following areas of retouching services-

• Advanced Level of Skin Retouching
• Advanced Level of Body Reshaping
• Advanced Level of Beauty Correction
• Imperfections Removal of Portrait Photos
• High End Make-Up Retouching
• High End Boudoir Photo Retouching
• Dodge and Burn Effect
• Background Extending
• High End Architectural Photo Retouching
• High End Jewelry Photo Retouching
• High End Headshot Retouching Service
• High End Object Removal Service
• High End Model Photo Retouching service
• High End Photo Color Corrections

Importance of High End Photo Retouching in Sales and Marketing: There are some facts where we don’t see any value directly but these are the elements that build a brand and create the sustainability of the organization in the long run. High end photo retouching service is like that type of fact. Taking high end photo retouching service, you can make your ordinary photo into an extraordinary photo that will itself tell the story of something commercial and edgy. So the importance of advanced photo retouching service is much more than observing an empty eye. Enclosing a few points, we are trying to describe the importance of high end photo retouching service as follows-

If you want to add a glimmer or extraordinary look to the images for increasing your sales, high end photo retouching is the only way to go because it will definitely give you a competitive edge over your competitors. To understand the value of high end photo retouching, we can think of the names of world’s renowned fashion brands such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair etc. who are using superb quality images everywhere including print media and popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Today’s Photographers are using high end cameras which are developed using ultra-modern technology and magnification mirrors so these types of cameras can capture every single detail of a photo. This is because a few noticeable imperfections must come to the eye after taking the photos and to fix these flaws professionally high end photo retouching service is mandatory.

Be it social media or any other platforms, to make a digital campaign successful you need high end retouched images as it will represent your brand far better than an ordinary image. We should keep in mind that a high end retouched image can carry much more power than its description or any other information. Also, today’s online buyers not only see the images but also want to experience them precisely.

To build trust in the customer’s mind about consistency and credibility, high end photo retouching services play a vital role because a high-end photo ensures the brand identity and consistency of quality. Whether it is a model photo, jewelry photo, real estate photo, or apparel photo, a high end photo must evoke an emotional response in the minds of customers.

In short we can say that images are the focal subject of interaction between buyers and products so there is no way to deny the importance of retouched images, especially high end retouched images for both print media and online platforms.

High End Photo Retouching Services that We Provide

We, at Expert Graphic International provide a wide range of high end or advanced photo retouching services at an affordable cost which is quite competitive. Among all the high end retouching services, our most ongoing services are described below to give a general idea but we are not limited with these listed services.


High end body and skin retouching:

To make model photos awesome in look, we do skin smoothing, color correction, tone adjustment, reshaping, resizing, wrinkle removal, eye bag removal, etc. We also realistically transform the body and make a person look younger, slimmer and sportive.


Advanced or high end hair retouching:

During photoshoot it is quite difficult to control the hair fully so to fix the hair professionally we provide high end hair retouching service that includes flyway hair removal, cleaning unwanted hair from face area, adding or changing color of the hair and improving hairstyle. We have a special team for this particular service and they have been using pen tablets to do the hair editing more naturally.


High end boudoir photo retouching:

Like high end model photo retouching, we provide boudoir photo retouching service and it includes skin smoothing, tone adjusting, adding a suntan effect, removing eye bags and wrinkles, improving makeup etc.


High end apparel photo editing:

In addition to high end model photo editing we also provide high end apparel photo editing services. Our high end apparel photo editing includes retouching product photos, adding studio backgrounds, creating magazine quality product photos, removing wrinkles, removing dust and scratches, recoloring and pattern replacement, high end ghost mannequin etc.


High end jewelry photo retouching:

Without any doubt we can bet with anyone that we are the best high end jewelry photo retouching service provider in the market and we are providing this service for all types of jewelry photos like ring, earring, bracelet, chain, necklace, watch etc. with and without model. This service includes all types of imperfections removal not limited to image cleanup, masking metal and diamond separately, improving color, dodge and burn effect, polishing, removing black spots including dust and scratches etc.

Why Should You Choose Expert Graphic International for High-End Photo Retouching?

We have a skilled team who has a long experience in this particular field with 100% customer satisfaction and we are confident if you try us for once, you will be a regular customer of ours.

Ready to provide up to 10 images as a free trial to photographers, photo studios, advertising agencies, marketing agencies and so on.

We are the professional and budget friendly high end photo retouching agency who never compromise with quality for price and we always deliver our best to the customers.

Our high end retouching service is performed by humans keeping maximum consistency and we don’t use AI which gives a generic editing form.

We have the capability of handling large volumes of high end retouching images whether it is model photos or product photos.

Whether it is high-end product photo retouching or high-end fashion photo retouching, you will get all types of high-end retouching services under one umbrella here.

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What is High-end retouching service?

High-end retouching is Photoshop work performed by a skilled professional of the graphic design sector. This service is provided when a photo needs an advanced level of editing or an advanced level of improvement. Skin smoothing, color correction, tone adjustment, reshaping, resizing, wrinkle removal, eye bag removal, etc. are the notable tasks of High-end retouching service.

Can I get a Free Trial for high end photo retouching services?

Yes, we are always open for Free Trial to judge the quality of our work but our Free trial service is eligible for Photographers, post-production agencies, advertising agencies, marketing agencies and print agencies.

What is the difference between retouching services and High end retouching services?

The main difference between retouching and high-end retouching lies in the names of both services. An ordinary professional can perform retouching work but to perform high-end retouching one must have a professional expert with years of experience knowing all the hacks and tricks including the latest software.

Is Lightroom or Photoshop better for retouching?

Now-a-days Light room is much popular especially to Photographers for its ease of use but for editing bulk quantities of images seriously and professionally one must have to rely on Photoshop. Photoshop has endless resources that allow you to create images in your mind’s eye.

How much does high-end retouching cost per image?

Actually, the price for any service depends on the image complexity and the time it takes to finish an image and this is because some photo editors charge hourly. However, the charge for our high-end retouching service starts from $3.00 to $100.00 per image.

What is your turnaround time for a high end image retouching project?

Though our normal turnaround time is 24 hours, we take more time for high-end retouching projects based on the volume and complexity level of the images. For a project that contains 1-5 images of high-end retouching, we normally take 24 hours turnaround time.