Product Photo Retouching Services

Nowadays when the ecommerce business is growing faster than expected, photography becomes the most essential part of it but photography itself doesn’t make the product photo pop and appealing as per the standard of online platforms. After the shoot of the products, everyone needs to do some additional work like background removal, shadow adding, resizing, retouching, color corrections etc. to showcase the product photo as an attractive product and simply it’s called product photo retouching service. You don’t need to explain anything to your customer about your products, just display it after taking our product photo retouching service! Buyers who will see it, definitely feel it to purchase immediately because of its appealing look. We are the digital design studio who has a well versed team for product photo retouching service specially for volume images.

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Types of Product Photo Retouching Service

Here is a list of Product Photo Retouching Services that we provide.  

Jewelry Photo Editing Service

Jewelry photo editing is a bit tricky compared to the other product photo retouching service as it needs detailed attention of the photo editor or graphic designer. If you are a jewelry photographer, jewelry business owner or jewelry retailer and you want to grow your online business rapidly, just upload your images to us. Our experienced team will make these jewelry photos vibrant which will definitely attract the potential buyers.

Automobile Parts Editing Service

There is a vast market of automobile parts in today’s world so the owner of an automobile parts business or the people who are related to this business need to show their products in the online platforms with proper background, color and shadow. We, at Expert Graphic International, are completely set up to provide you this automobile parts editing service at an affordable cost.

Furniture Photo Editing Service

Almost all the businesses of the world have opened their online business as well as their physical business and furniture business is not an exception of this. Like other photographs, furniture photos also need editing to boost up its online market rapidly. If you need furniture photo editing including changing the color of the furniture, just review the enclosed sample of our editing and send us a few images to judge our professional quality.

Watch Photo Editing Service

In today’s world almost every person is using a watch as a part of fashion in addition to its actual use. The use of watches is surprisingly increasing day by day so the market of this product is also becoming competitive. In this competitive market, whoever will decorate his/her online watch store with perfectly edited photos, will be able to bring a big number of customers in the store.

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Importance of Product Photo Retouching Service

Product Photo retouching service is a process of photo editing which goes only for products that include background removal, retouching, color change, pattern change, object removal, shadow adding, color and exposure corrections etc. The purpose of this service is to display your product in an attractive manner in the online store. It has a great importance in the progression of ecommerce business so we would like to enclose its necessity under a few points. 

Today’s online buyers are extremely smart and before purchasing a product from the online store they judge every aspect thoroughly. Besides there is no way to touch a product physically from the online store so there is only one way to attract the buyers is displaying a product photo perfectly with an appealing look and it is the main purpose of the product photo retouching service.

The owner of an online store must know the importance of product photo retouching service and this is because the demand for product photo retouching service is increasing surprisingly day by day. It is now impossible to run an online business without displaying perfect product photos.

Nowadays almost all the companies must hire a professional photographer to capture their product photos perfectly but after the photography process you will must require some editing to enhance the product photos otherwise it will harm your sales gradually.

If you display a genuine and quality product but as an ordinary look without any charm in the online store, the possible buyers wouldn’t be interested to purchase it. So you have to focus on the product photo retouching service before displaying your products online.

Social media marketing has a great impact on today’s sales and marketing as almost all the people of the world associate with social media platforms. Nowadaysit is the fastest and easiest way to let the people know about your product but without a vibrant and appealing product photo you couldn’t go successfully through the social media platforms. In short, we can say that product photo retouching service is the most essential part of online business.

What We Provide Under Product Photo Retouching Services

Product photo retouching is a huge category of retouching services and we provide all these services at an affordable budget. Among all the services of product photo retouching, the most common and popular services are described below-

Product Photo Enhancement:

Product photo enhancement or product photo retouching is a complete package service which is suitable for most of the product images. In this package, we provide background removal, adding shadow, basic retouching and basic color corrections etc.

all together so that a product photo turns into a vibrant look which will definitely hold the eyes of possible buyers. It is an affordable service which is the best fit for both ecommerce business owners as well as photo editing companies.

Image Retouching and cleaning:

To bring financial profit by increasing sales, we provide basic retouching and cleaning service which includes basic retouching, inky shadow removal, color and exposure corrections, white balance fixing etc. We also provide cleaning service to make the product natural and to remove the distracting elements from the image.

Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint:

Ghost mannequin is also known as apparel photo retouching and we provide this service to give customers an accurate idea of how the particular product will look when worn. Using 2D and 3D effects, we create such a unique image where the buyers must get the real view of that product and feel to purchase it. To get a premium service in regards to ghost mannequin or neck joint, you can contact us anytime as we have a skilled and dedicated team of young professionals who already worked for renowned international brands.

Color Change:

If you have several similar products with color change only, you don’t need to photograph each individual product as it will be time consuming and expensive for you. If you have several similar images with color change only, you don’t need to edit all images individually which will also be time consuming and expensive for you. Just take a photo of one image or just send us one image among the all colors and give us instructions as per your required colors. Our expert team will provide you the completed color changed images with such a quality that is beyond your expectation.

Pattern Change:

We provide pattern change service in addition to color change which is the most complex and trickiest task in regards to photo editing. For sure we can say that our pattern change service will save your time and money as we have already successfully delivered a number of projects on pattern change.    

Liquefying and Symmetrical editing:

Liquefying, reshaping and symmetrical editing is a popular service specially for apparel photo editing. Using photography techniques alone, it is not possible to bring 100% perfection for apparel photos because there must be a few bad wrinkles along with shape issues. To fix these types of issues of apparel photos, we use liquefying and symmetrical techniques which will make your photos look great and unique from others. We also apply this liquefying and symmetrical techniques while creating 3D ghost mannequin images for a complete look.

Why Expert Graphic International is the Best Agency for Product Photo Retouching Service? is a leading product photo retouching service provider and it has an internationally experienced team who already worked for the renowned international apparel brands such as Nordstrom, Straub Collaborative, Colorhythm and Finish Line.

At, you will get all the following services according to your expected budget and you don’t have to go anywhere else to search for any service. These are the list of major tasks that we provide usually for product photo retouching but we are not limited with these.

Color change and color corrections

Resizing, renaming and cropping 

Background removal and background replacement

Liquefying, reshaping and symmetrical editing

Dusts, spots and scratches removal

White balance and exposure corrections

Adding watermark on the images

Clipping, multi clipping and masking  

We have been serving many Photographers, advertising agencies, automobile business owners, ecommerce business owners, online traders, writers and publishers for many years. It’s a matter of happiness that our customers speak for us and we have a lot of recommended customers so you can drop your product photo retouching projects without any hesitation here. has all the aspects that a good editing company should have such as quality and capability of work, competitive price, standard turnaround time, long working experience, data security etc. If you want to exceed your competitors and make your business more profitable than now, you are welcome here.

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What types of product photos do you edit?

We edit all types of product photos not limited by any category. You can send us any kind of product photos for retouching and enhancements. Our mostly edited products are apparel items, jewelry items, food items, bag and shoes, automobile parts, groceries items, beauty products, electronics items etc.

What services do you offer under product photo retouching?

We provide clipping path, multi clipping path, background removal with shadow effect, background replacement, retouching and cleaning, ghost mannequin effect, color change and color corrections, white balance and exposure corrections, Liquefying, reshaping and symmetrical editing etc. 

Do you have any discounts for bulk photo editing?

Yes, we have a special discount for bulk images which is beyond your expectation. Although our price is competitive, we are always open for negotiation and committed to work as per the budget of clients. 

What is your per day capacity?

Currently we are providing 5000 images per day but we have the capacity of delivering 6000 images per day if it comes to product photo retouching.

Do you provide product photography services?

No, we don’t provide photography service but we provide post production photography services for photographers, advertising studios, ecommerce business owners, online traders, online marketing agencies and so on.

Do you provide an FTP account for bulk image transfer?

Yes, we provide password protected individuals and secured FTP accounts for transferring images to us.

How do I transfer my images to you?

In addition to FTP accounts, we have “Hightail”, “Wetransfer” and “Dropbox” to transfer images to us and these interfaces are very popular and easy to use. You can use any of these interfaces which is convenient for you.

Do you use AI for photo editing?

No, our editing is fully human oriented where you will get a unique and premium feel. Our clipping path service is fully hand-drawn and our masking service is done by a special team who are using pen tablets for separating hair naturally.