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Photo Restoration or old photo retouching service is the most common service when it comes to photo editing services and it is the trickiest retouching service where the editor must have the knowledge of advanced level. To perform this task perfectly and in a non-destructive way, an editor had to know almost all the tasks of photo editing like clipping path, multi clipping path, advanced retouching, color and exposure corrections, color change etc. This is because photo restoration is a bit expensive compared to the other services of this field. We are the team who have a vast experience and the pro record of customer’s satisfaction about doing photo restoration service at an affordable cost. Our photo restoration service covers everything such as cleaning, repairing, color matching, colorizing etc. and we can give you the guarantee that our editing makes your old photo life-like with the touch of the latest software’s and advanced techniques.

Price Starts From $4.00 Per Image

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Types of Photo Restoration Service

Here is a list of Photo Restoration Service that we provide.  

Vintage Photo Restoration Service

Almost all the people of the world have a few old photos or vintage photos which we normally preserve with a great emotion as we know the genuine value of these photos in our life. Among the old photos vintage print is the first print which may get old due to the course of time or damaged accidently or by natural disasters. No matter how damaged your old photos or vintage photos are or what is the intense level of the damaging part, we have an expert team who has extraordinary skills to provide you the expected service.

Black & White Photo Restoration

Black and white photo restoration is the most common genre of photo restoration service. Most of the time the result of black and white photo restoration becomes far better than the result of color photo restoration. If you are looking for the best black and white photo restoration agency or digital photo restoration company, undoubtedly you are in the right place now. Just send us your images to get a free quote from us.

Damaged Photo Restoration

Restoring a damaged photo is the most complex genre of Photo restoration services. Repairing or reconstructing a damaged photo is quite challenging work as well but we are the team who dare to face any difficulties to repair damaged photos. Though repairing damaged photos is a time consuming work and expensive, we are committed to provide this service at an affordable cost. If you have bulk images and are searching for the best photo restoration service provider agency, just send us a photo for a free trial.

Color Restoration Service

We know the perfect color is the life of a photo though most of the cases the result of black and white photo restoration is far better than the result of color photo restoration. We have a long experienced team who plays with colors so to regain the natural color of your old photos in addition to retouching and repairing, you can rely on us. We assure you that our team will give you outstanding quality if you ask for photo restoration service specially colorization or color photo restoration service.

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The Importance of Photo Restoration Services in the Photo Editing Industry

Photo restoration is the simple act of employing digital restoration tools to upgrade your photos that were either old or damaged. When it comes to picture editing services, photo restoration, also known as old photo retouching, is the most popular and difficult retouching service.This act usually requires an advanced level of knowledge from the editor. The main aim of photo restoration is to rejuvenate past deteriorated photos which are of no use now but are vital to use for various purposes like marketing campaigns. Hence, an editor needs to be proficient in practically every aspect of photo editing. These include mastering clipping paths, multiple clipping paths, complex retouching, color and exposure corrections, color changes, and more, to complete this assignment flawlessly and without causing any damage.

Vintage photo restoration service

The vintage photo restoration service is a popular service among customers. The majority of the people own a photo dating back to the 80s where possessing the best image resolution was not a conversation to have at all. However, in 2024, resolution is everything, and a conversation we have pretty much in our daily lives. Our team of skilled professionals is here to provide you with excellent restoration services if you have an old, poorly exposed, pixelated, blurry, shredded, or spoilt-by-water photo that you would like restored. We charge $4 per image. To opt for a demo, click “Free Trial” and examine our services now.

Black &white photo restoration services

The most popular type of photo restoration service is black and white photo restoration. Our services in this genre include restoring your black and white photos conscientiously, with creative photo manipulation technology ensuring your black and white photos look as good as new. Just like all our other services, you can get a quote or try our free trials available for all of our services.

Color restoration service

It is not a new thing to discover all your old photos only to become damaged, brittle, or even discolored. Expert Graphic International helps you make your photos look completely new with our color restoration service. Our color restoration services help to restore the original color of the photo as well as apply retouching to enhance the final image. We guarantee exceptional quality within an affordable range starting from $4.00 per image.

Damage photo restoration services

 The most difficult type of picture restoration services is restoring a damaged image. Expert Graphic International understands the sentiment behind pictures. Hence, even though rebuilding or repairing a damaged photo can be difficult, we are willing to take on any challenges to restore your damaged images.You can send us any of your damaged photos and examine how we create magic with our damage photo restoration service. By selecting the free trial option, you can get it done for free.

Importance of photo restoration service

Photo restoration is indeed one of the most vital services in the photo editing industry. With the different types of services like color restoration, vintage restoration, black & white photo restoration, and damaged photo restoration- your photos are revamped and enhanced making them look just as brand new. By fixing damaged photos, old sentiments are valued and the memories are treasured. Expert Graphic International does not compromise with quality nor does it charge a high cost. We offer reasonable pricing for our services you will not turn your back on.

How to Hire the Best Agency Providing Photo Restoration Services

Photo restoring is not an easy task and can even be challenging for moderately skilled photo editors in the field. It is a must to do your homework before hiring just any agency that provides photo restoration services. To make your life simpler, we have gathered all the dos and don’ts when hiring photo restoration services. Let’s take a look at how these factors help.

Review goodwill

Before choosing a professional photo retoucher, it’s a good idea to read reviews from past clients. To learn about the agency’s reputation and degree of client satisfaction, look through internet reviews and endorsements from other companies that have collaborated with them.  Reputation and word of mouth are important elements that can help you decide the right photo restoration service providing agency. Agencies who are just starting may not possess the skills, expertise, or reliability on how the job needs to be handled. Hence, it is best to look for well-known and established agencies that have been around in the industry for a decent amount of time. Expert Graphic International has been serving above 5000 image deliveries per day and is known to be dedicated to whatever a customer requires.

Examine company portfolio

Viewing an agency’s portfoliomight help you get a sense of the general aesthetic of the retouching job and what it can offer. Check to see whether the agency’s style fits the aesthetic of your brand or business and whether it matches what you’re searching for. Examine the agency’s track record in areas that are pertinent to your needs.

Reviews in different forums

You can gain insightful knowledge about the agency’s quality of work and other clients’ experiences by reading reviews left by previous clients.Customer reviews can tell you about the agency’s professionalism overall, as well as its advantages and disadvantages, job quality, and responsiveness to customer requests. You may use this information to determine if the agency is a good fit for your company’s needs by making a well-informed selection.

Frequent demos & free trials

Send your photos to agencies and test how they perform during the trial runs. By giving agencies a chance to perform these demos, you can decide if you can entrust them with larger and much more important projects. Expert Graphic International offers exceptional photo restoration services for both complex and simple projects. You can get a quote or simply start your free trial.


Hiring competent and affordable photo restoration service agencies is the ultimate cherry on top. Make sure to study the pricing strategies and learn about the possibility of discount rates. You may face severe loss if you end up with an average-quality photo restoration service that charges more than your competitors. Expert Graphic International is the perfect blend of affordability and superior service quality.

What Makes Expert Graphic International the Best Photo Restoration Service Provider in the Photo Editing Industry?

Expert Graphic International continues to strive to provide the best outcomes to customers worldwide. We are not just limited to photo restoration services but also take an active part in catalog design services as well. There are plenty of reasons for becoming the best photo restoration service provider in the photo editing industry. All these reasons have been mentioned below.

Unmatched premium quality photo restoration services at an extremely affordable pricing range.

We keep our eyes and ears open 24/7 for feedback and urgent requests.

Expert Graphic International prioritizes having attractive turnaround timing.

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

We have over 200+ professional graphic designers on our team working continuously to give you the perfect results.

We provide rush deliveries within 5-6 hours without taking any form of extra charge.

Our delivery times are 12 hours or less depending on the volume of work.

With more than 200 skilled designers as employees, we are a dependable team for processing large orders. We provide discounts of up to 60% for these large orders.

Expert Graphic International accepts payment methods via card, bank transfer, and even PayPal.

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Are my photos safe with Expert Graphic International?

Yes, we have complete confidentiality over your photos. We take the security and privacy of your data extremely seriously. We adhere to stringent policies and have SSL encryption on our website to guarantee that your photos are always safe. Additionally, we strictly enforce our privacy policy, which forbids us from using or disclosing your photos without your permission.

How does color restoration service work?

Color restoration service is the art of restoring a deterioratedphoto by bringing back the original form of the photo by adjusting the color, level of saturation, and contrast of the picture, etc. The final photo looks refurbished and back to its natural form.

Do you take extra charge for last-minute photo editing services?

No, we do not add any extra charge for any photo editing services. We usually take 5 to 6 hours for any urgent delivery that needs to be made.

Are vintage and black and white photo restoration services different?

Yes, vintage and black & white photo restoration services are different although both serve the same purpose. In vintage photo restoration services, the main challenge is to bring out the correct hue and color tone and blend it with the whole picture. On the other hand, in black and white photo restoration services the main aim is to fix the scratches and the fading effect.

Are discounts available for this type of service?

Yes, discounts are available. However, the order quantity needs to be in large volumes. The discount rates go up to 60%.

Can I pay through PayPal?

Yes, you can. Our payment methods are through PayPal, cards, and bank transfers.