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Expert Graphic International is a clipping path company with expertise in Real Estate Photo Editing/HDR Blending. Our years of experience in this field have made thousands of customers smile because of satisfaction. Our dedicated experts will ensure that your image is done and give you the professional look you want. Make your real estate houses look as if they were built just now with our Real Estate Photo Editing/HDR Blending service. No matter what time of day you shot your real estate images, we can make them appear to have been taken in the morning, throughout the day, or in the evening. We are adept at removing unwanted elements from real estate photos to improve their aesthetic appeal. Simply let us know what you want to be removed, and you’ll get a high-quality interior or exterior shot in less than a day.

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Types of Real Estate Photo Editing/HDR Blending Service we Provide

Here is a list of Real Estate photo editing/HDR blending service that we provide.

HDR Blending With Color and Exposure Corrections

Various exposures, tones, temperatures, tints, and grey and white levels sometimes obscure the entire picture. Over-exposed shots frequently lose details of white things, whereas under-exposed images lose a significant amount of detail. However, by merging the pictures using HDR Photo Blending and Retouching, you may have the best of all worlds: the brightest photo with all the details.

Environment Changing Day to Dusk

The sunset setting is there to highlight the property’s greatest qualities and to put visitors in a peaceful, welcome frame of mind so they would consider the listing positively. The idea is to help potential purchasers imagine themselves living in this magnificent property, gazing out the window at the gorgeous evening sunset.

TV or Window Replacement

Photo editors may, for example, add images to TV screens, fire in fireplaces, eliminate unpleasant items, and add lush grass to sparse lawns, among other things. Details like this may go unnoticed at first sight, but paying attention to them provides potential house buyers one less excuse to pass on the property.

Unwanted Object Removal

Object removal is currently the most popular and well-known picture alteration service. It’s similar to removing the background or removing items from a photograph. This is a straightforward graphics design method carried out by Photoshop specialists. It’s also less expensive, so anybody may pay an expert to remove objects from their images.

Sky Replacement or Sky Adding

Many features of your images may be swiftly adjusted using Photoshop editing tools. Sky Replacement is a Photoshop function that allows you to enhance your photographs regardless of the weather conditions at the time of your shoot.

Lawn Retouching

Dry weather can leave you with dead grass and lawn. Bu with our lawn retouching service, we can make your lawn look greener than ever.

Dust and Garbage Removal

The real estate photos can be greatly affected by occasional dust and garbage presence in the photos and can affect the sales too. Thus our dust and garbage removal service will assure dust and garbage removal with scrutiny.

Lens Distortion Removal

Lens distortion can make your real estate structure look improper, Expert Graphic International can fix these non-existent structural problems with our lens distortion removal services.

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What is Real Estate Photo Editing/HDR Blending Service?

It’s difficult to create high-quality photographs for your real estate firm, but it’s important if you want to stay competitive. If you don’t add a little magic to the photos taken of the property, they might not be very appealing. With a little editing and retouching, you can quickly improve your real estate photographs. Rather than wasting time learning all of the required tools and processes, you can rely on Expert Graphic International to provide real estate editing services and HDR blending services. Exposure Blending and HDR both employ the same set of bracketed photos. The photos are then sent into a special piece of software. However, either Lightroom or Photoshop may be used to do this. The program creates a picture with a wider dynamic range by using complicated algorithms.

Importance of Real Estate Photo Editing/HDR Blending Service

Taking many photographs of the entire property might result in varied results, especially when the lighting changes. This type of light edit may make a whole shot match in terms of color and brightness. White balance and exposure modifications on single picture capture, horizontal and vertical line straightening, and perspective and lens distortion repairs are just a few of the services available. Dusk photography is gorgeous, but it may be difficult at times since you won’t always be shooting at twilight, and the light isn’t always ideal. Our Twilight Image retouching, also known as Day to Night conversions for real estate, will do what nature failed to do. We can make any photo look like it was taken during twilight, and we can make bad twilight look crisp and warm.

This is ideal for real estate photographers that use HDR to picture interiors. Send us a bracketed sequence of frames in which you expose for both highlights and shadows, and Expert Graphic International will generate a nicely blended image with a full tone range by hand. This service covers grass and sky replacement, as well as various types of retouching to eliminate reflections and minor things off walls like light switches and power outlets. Horizontal and vertical line straightening, as well as lens distortion reduction, are among the other procedures available.

Benefits of Real Estate Photo Editing/ HDR Blending

Professional real estate photographers, without a doubt, create stunning real estate photographs. Even the greatest images, however, require some editing owing to factors such as lighting, ambient circumstances, and camera technology limits. These flaws can be corrected by skilled picture editors. They can remove undesired items, improve white balance, restore colors, reduce noise, align horizontal and vertical lines appropriately, and more using picture editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Each property in a listing has its own set of selling features. The breathtaking lawn, the expansive entertainment area, or the master bedroom’s view Real estate agents have a higher probability of selling a house if they improve these selling features. Photo editors can improve the shot to make the beautiful countryside stand out more. They could use window masking, which is a technique for removing reflections in windows and overexposure. The beautiful countryside can be seen clearly through the window, providing the spectator a good idea of what they’ll get if they buy the house.

Details may make or break a transaction in the real estate market. Details contribute a lot of character and charm to interior and outdoor images, according to real estate photographers and photo editors. The property’s attention to these nuances distinguishes it from others, which is a benefit for purchasers.

What’s the point of using HDR if you’re not interested in making mind-blowing images for your real estate property? The key advantage is that it captures/realistically reveals any missing details. Instead of the visual look that HDR has been known for, think of it as increasing the tonal range of what your camera reproduces to resemble what your eyes see.

Tips to Hire an Agency for Real Estate Photo Editing


When it is directly related to your business, you especially don’t want to waste time or money. To get the most out of them, be sure to keep an eye out for several online portfolios and then compare the pricing.

However, you may also get in touch with businesses that offer photo editing services because they employ expert photographers who can transform your property photos into flawless works of art. Talk about what you want and consider whether their goals match yours.


Make sure the picture editors you choose have real-world real estate photography experience before you hire them. Although any competent photographer might take and edit images of properties, this is untrue.

Hiring a real estate photographer with extensive knowledge and expertise in capturing images will help you reach potential clients. Look through their portfolio to see whether the images match your criteria for appeal and to determine what technologies were utilized to modify them.

Delivery Time

You must devote a lot of effort to managing various clients and online property listings if you want to run a successful real estate firm. The time you save by employing a real estate photographer and editor can then be used to concentrate on other important tasks.

Photographers that work professionally focus on capturing interiors, exteriors, and aerial perspectives. Editors, on the other hand, can assist with many different tasks, including adding elements, removing undesirable elements, color correction, photo stitching, improvement, and more.

You can take advantage of all the advantages of an experienced photographer and editor by outsourcing picture editing services. This shortens your turnaround time while maintaining the integrity of other commercial agreements.

Overall Market Knowledge

Before establishing your criteria, consult the photo editing company’s photographers. Keep an eye out for businesses that are knowledgeable about the most recent photographic trends in the real estate industry.

By focusing on the proper audience and using images that they are interested in seeing, you will increase the worth of your company.

Additionally, giving clients the things that appeal to them the most can help them stand out from the competition. either utilizing precise lighting for the shot from the appropriate angles or deploying a drone to take pictures of the surrounding area from above.

You are providing a fantastic client experience and raising the possibility of converting new customers.

Why Choose Expert Graphic International?

Expert Graphic International (EGI) is a one-stop-shop for top-notch image alteration services. We have over ten years of experience in this field and 100 experienced graphic designers who are well-versed in the requirements for all types of image manipulation or graphics-related work, particularly for customers

In the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. We have a corporate office in Lisboa, Portugal, and a production studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in addition to our headquarters in Buffalo, New York, USA. Our highly qualified crew is ready to serve you around the clock, regardless of where you are in the globe or the time zone difference, to fulfill your graphics-related task. We’d like to point out that, to better serve you, we hand-coordinate each order with a single designer.

Photographers, e-commerce enterprises, design studios, advertising agencies, and individuals who wish to colorize their environment with the touch of graphics or Photoshop can benefit from our expert picture editing services. To ensure that our customers receive the highest quality and error-free work, we implemented a three-step quality control method that demonstrates our professionalism. As a result, you may reach us by email at any time because we are familiar with it.

To give you an idea of our rates, we’ve included a typical price list that can be adjusted based on the intricacy of the photographs. The pricing is usually determined by the amount of time it takes to finish an image, and we constantly aim to provide our customers the best deal possible. Without a doubt, we can promise you that our price is competitive, and we are always willing to negotiate to service you within your budget.

We work very hard to meet your professional real estate photo retouching needs. One of our key skills is our dedication to deadlines. Our understanding of the subject is also solid. At work, these are consistently put into practice.

We are experts in a variety of photo-editing techniques. They are really good image editors. We are capable of completing even the most challenging projects thanks to our proficiency in photo editing. We also provide Ghost Mannequin Service, which helps to remove the mannequin from a product image.

When using our real estate image retouching services, our clients will experience several fascinating perks. Our main priority is offering our customers expert service.

Additionally, we don’t overstate how superior our services are.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Expert Graphic International. We are here to give you the highest quality graphic design services at a reasonable price. Use our “Contact Us” link to obtain specialized assistance with your photographs and to offer us useful comments. We assure you that we will respond as soon as possible with our best assistance.

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