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A wedding is a dream occasion which creates the sweetest memories not only of the life of couples but also the life of their family members for lifetime. That’s why each and every arrangement of this occasion is done with great attention. To capture the wedding celebration memories, normally a professional photographer is hired who can easily capture all the sweet and unique moments by his skilled clicks but sometimes direct photos from camera do not come out as per the expectation due to the lack of proper lighting and weather. In such cases Photographers or wedding planners need the help of a professional photo editing team. A professional wedding photo editing team can make your special photos more special with the touch of their skilled hand. We have an extraordinarily talented team for wedding photo editing who has the capabilities to make your wedding photos life-like and their editing is completely non-destructive.

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Types of Wedding Photo Editing Service

Here is a list of Wedding Photo Editing Service that we provide.  

Photography Post Production

Photography Post Production Service is a mandatory part of an entire photography process. Like all other photography workflows, wedding photos need post production service because through this editing process anyone can easily correct a few flaws of photography, imperfections and enhance the colors as per the expectation. Besides, using the proper post production techniques anyone can turn an ordinary photo into a life-like photo.

Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching is one of the notable services among the post production workflow. There are some photos where everything is up to mark except a minor flaw and to fix up this type of flaw or imperfection, photo retouching is the fastest and best way. We at Expert Graphic International have skilled wedding photo editing professionals who are completely ready to provide wedding photo retouching service at an affordable cost.

HDR Photo Blending Service

HDR Photo Blending is also known as Image blending service. Normally this technique is used to get a perfect photo merging three or more different focused images together. Though this service is popular for Real estate photo editing, in recent times Photographers are using this technique for editing wedding photos as well as for jewelry photos for merging different focused parts into one image. Using this technique anyone can give a photo superb look as all the parts of a photo get equal focus in this process.

Adding Or Removing people

After finishing the wedding photography, sometimes it becomes mandatory to add or remove people from the photos as per the demand of couples or their family members because they want to surprise the people who were not present in the wedding ceremony or remove unwanted someone who has accidentally entered in the photo during photography. If you are looking for a similar service, our certified wedding photo editing experts are ready to serve you.

Adding Or Removing Object

Like adding or removing people from the wedding photo, sometimes it also becomes mandatory to add or remove props or objects from the photo as per the demand of the bride or groom. For this type of editing, an expert hand is must otherwise the wedding photos may have lost its originality and charm. As we have skilled and certified wedding photo editing experts, you can rely on us to make your sweet memories more special.

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The Significance Behind Wedding Photo Editing in the Photo Editing Industry

In the era we live in today,photo editing has been one of the highest in-demand industries, especially if we consider wedding photo editing Weddings are one of the most significant and sacred parts of life, where two souls are merged into one. Every wedding photographer is different from the next and the truth is that getting the ideal shot can be difficult for even the most experienced photographers. This is when the power of photo editing comes in. Expert Graphic International helps fix flaws and bring out the best in the photos with the use of photo editing. Through the manipulation of different elements found in photos by blending, retouching, color correcting, etc., photographers may guarantee that their images faithfully capture the atmosphere and feelings of the day.

Wedding photo retouching services

Not all pictures come out perfect. Retouching is needed when you want to look your best, especially on your wedding day. With the help of our retouching service starting from only $1.49, we enhance your look by playing with the texture and removing the defects from your natural skin. We even out your skin tone and add airbrushing to the image to make you glow on your special day. Any presence of a cakey texture, visible pores, or simple blemishes is fixed in an instant when you have Expert Graphic International by your side.

Background removal and replacement services

Expert Graphic International provides you with many background replacement options to turn your current background image into something more aesthetic and realistic at the same time. While backgrounds can be manipulated and corrected, they can be turned into a completely new background as well that fits with the photo and the mood. We can even completely remove the background if that is what’s required. Our background removal services range from $0.25 per image.

Object removal services

Photobombs are the absolute worst-case scenario for the perfect wedding picture of a lovely couple. We provide the ultimate wedding photo editing service by removing certain objects present in the image making the photo look a whole lot greater. In the case of an unexpected bird blocking the head of your partner, or a baby throwing a tantrum fit in the background, we have got you covered. Expert Graphic International takes wedding photo editing to a whole new level by simply vanishing the ultimate unwanted moments from your wedding recreating magic you will reminiscein the next 50 years. Hence, enjoy our free trial now you will surely not be disappointed.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) blending services

With the help of high dynamic range (HDR) technology, and creative photo manipulation,we combine portrait or wedding photos with varying brightness levels to create the perfect wedding photo. Not only this, but the brightest and darkest areas of an image can both have details brought out by using HDR.We fully utilize this technology and make sure to give you the best pictures of your wedding day.

Color correcting services

Colour correction is the heart of photo editing and what simply makes a picture look much more polished and the people photogenic. With a minimal amount of color correction, your photo can look revamped and stunning. This feature is popular in wedding photo editing and with Expert Graphic International, you can rest assured that you are in reliable and trustworthy hands. Check our colour-correcting services by clicking “get free trial” now.

Significance of wedding photo editing service

Wedding photo editing without a doubt has become one of the most important services in this field. Without properly utilizing or implementing thefeatures provided in wedding photo editing services, the pictures of your big day remain incomplete. Tools and services like colour correction or high dynamic range technology help enhance your photos and give them just the magical touch they need.Your skin gets evenly toned out eliminating any form of greasy texture and at the same time highlighting your brightest areas.Moreover, essential services like object removal or background transitioning help improve your photos to great lengths. The list of the importance of these wedding photo editing services is never-ending and usually goes on and on. Hence it is vital to invest in professional wedding photo editing.

Hacks for Hiring the Best Wedding Photo Editing Agencies

Tracking down and hiring the best wedding photo editing agency can be a challenging job. While the options and alternatives are immense, it is difficult to find one specific agency that ticks off all the boxes ensuring top-notch service and reasonable pricing. Lucky for you, after going through rigorous research in detail we have mentioned all the things you need to look out for while choosing a wedding photo editing agency for your big day.

Quality of Service

Quality of service is one of the key factors you should look for when selecting the best wedding photo editing agency. In the selection process, try to scan into the agency’s previous work samples of edited wedding photos. Since it is a huge investment for a once-in-a-lifetime event, looking into an agency’s work methods and the quality of service it provides is essential. Expert Graphic International is open to showing any samples that customers require. Here, customers are our top priority and we try our level best to ensure the best services are being provided.

Attractive pricing

A great tip to hiring the best wedding photo editing agency is to make sure to target ones that present themselves with reasonable pricing.By keeping the factor of price in mind you can start investing in otheraspects of the wedding like the catering, decorations for the venue, return gifts, etc. Companies like Expert Graphic International make sure you get your value for the money you put into our services

Top-tier security

It is vital to ensure your data is in safe hands. Make sure the agency you are aiming for has proper updated technology to back up all your photos. You wouldn’t want the pictures of your big day to get lost in the case of a glitch or malfunction in the system’s servers.

Experience in the line of work

Experience is often a great indicator to see how skilled a person is in his field of work. Not only does this trait craft and master the skills but it also allows an individual to simultaneously learn new things on the go. For hiring wedding photo editing agencies, customers make the smart decision to choose agencies that have been operating for a while and know the game. We are one such company providing a one-stop solution operating for over 13+ years.

Time for turnaround

Turnaround time is an important element to factor in. Turnaround timings are the amount of time taken to finish a process.For any photo editing agency, the hours might naturally differ depending on delivery times. Expert Graphic International ensures faster turnaround time providing the best quality wedding photo edits.

Reasons for Hiring Expert Graphic International for Wedding Photo Editing

Expert Graphic International works hard to give its clients the best possible outcome and is one of the highest-ranking, competitive photo editing service providers for all fields including wedding photo editing, fashion photo editing, etc. Why should you choose Expert Graphic International for wedding photo editing? Let’s find out.

More than 200 seasoned and motivated specialists are committed to giving you the greatest possible service.

Willing to offer a “Free Trial” as quickly as possible, ideally in a time frame of two to five hours, so you can decide right away.

Up to 10 photos are available for “Free Trial,” allowing you to examine the quality before beginning a project.

Competitive pricing and a courteous, customer-focused attitude will undoubtedly give you a premium sense.

We are available at no additional cost for overnight and urgent delivery.

Exceptionally high-speed internet for rapid file transfers and storing backup data for six months.

Safe and well-liked file transfer interfaces, like FTP servers, Dropbox, Hightail, and Wetransfer.

Constant client assistance and accessibility.

Expert Graphic International prioritizes human interaction while utilizing cutting-edge software and technology.

Customer service is offered around the clock, and phone, Skype, and WhatsApp calls can be accepted.

Simple and safe payment gateways that accept bank transfers, PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards.

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Can my photos fall into the wrong hands?

No, Expert Graphic International operates with the latest technology and security protection. The chances of your privacy getting breached are highly unlikely.

Do you guys accept urgent requests or is there any request period?

We are available and at your service 24/7. Feel free to contact us any time.

What is the difference between object removal and background replacement services?

Background removal services simply cut out objects from the background to improve a photo by eliminating the error. On the other hand, background replacement services transition the background to something else.

Will color correction editing change the tone of my face?

No, the color-correcting technology will merely enhance and filter the image. It will not change your skin tone in any manner.

Are your services only limited to wedding photo editing?

Our services aren’t limited to only wedding photo editing. We have services like photo restoration service, design catalogservices, etc.

What are your payment methods?

We accept PayPal, credit, and debit cards along with bank transfers.